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Why am I married? - You have two choices in life, you can stay single and be miserable, or you can get married and wish you were dead.
Join me at the track... I will be attending 1 race weekend event this year: Auto Club Speedway, March 23-25.

CJ's Speed & Thunder

Imagine A Way To Make Your Race Day Even More Exciting Than You've Ever Had Before!

- NASCAR - Champ Car - IRL -

These contests will have you jumping up and down and yelling at your TV!  Not just for the driver who is in 1st, but for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th!

I've developed this site over 10 years to make race day more exciting for the home TV viewer.  Scoring is based on actual driver points and finishes.  And it is FREE. 

Not a fantasy league, and points are scored for every major event. You pick ANY driver you want.

Browse the site, and whether you follow Cup Cars (NASCAR), Champ Car, or the IRL, you will find something to make Sunday's fun.  Go ahead, it's FREE.

Unique to this site is an extensive list, totaling all the winners from every race in each of the three series.

Let's Go Racin'!!!


Email me with any suggestions: CJsSpeedThunder@jacobsusa.com.

Accolades (Some Comments about this site)

Thanks for making this Nascar year more enjoyable for myself and my wife. I'm a big race fan anyway but your site makes it that much better!

Thanks--I love this game, even though I'm not doin' worth a darn! I appreciate your efforts to take care of this. I'm sure it has to be a ton of work!

...thanks for all the work you do to host this.  It does make watching the race a lot more fun! - Lindsay

'I like this format. I'm just learning my computer, but I love racing'

Great site, great pick 10 and great license plate site. Just got married on the 10th and made a plate. Thank you very much, keep up the great site.  Steve

This website saved me hours of debate with my family. Thanks!

THIS SITE IS GREAT!!!!! Really look forward to checking in all year!

CJ's Pick Ten (Cup Cars)

CJ's Pick Six (Champ Car)

CJ's Pick Six (IRL)

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